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About Us

At Booksarefree it is our Mission to secure the best high quality Ebooks for our membership, free.  Of course if you are not a member you can always purchase the ebooks from us at retail for personal use or wholesale with reseller rights.

We provide books of all kind. If you don't see the book your looking for ask us.  We will find it and send you the link to download if you are a member. If not we will quote you a reasonable price and give you %10 off if you find it at another place on the internet within 24 hours of purchase.

It is also our policy to provide new additions to our collection Monthly.  When securing eproduct it is very important that we have authentic copies of the product available to our members as well as for sale.  With that in mind you can rest asured you are getting the Real McCoy and that any software includes the lincensing agreement, so if you need to bring it back or get support it is readily available.

Although we focus on providing high quality ebooks we also secure and provide high in demand software and other products for sale at a discount to our members and for retail to non members.

We also have a main reading room  where you can start topics, post comments and/or suggestion.  It is free to join and members can have and access there own private reading room.

In the main reading room we sponsor events, like product of the month contest, in which you can Win non-ebook products, like software, productivity tools, and an assortment of other item.  Meet the Author and  prelaunch of other new ebooks and eproducts is a mainstay in the main reading room. All are welcome.

Thus at Booksarefree, we are commited to excellence in providing the products you require at mostly free and discount prices to our membership base.

For comments and suggestion feel free to contact us. We will be glad to hear from you.

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